Plush Commission

What is a commission?
A commission is an custom order that you would like made for you. 


When are commissions are open?

Every month or so, I will post announcements when commission slots are open. Depending on the design and complexity of the plush, I would have one or two commission slots available. However, if it is a commission that involves a set where its more than one or two plushies, I won't be able to take on another commission until that set is complete, and commissions will be closed during that time. I'll post another announcement once commissions are open again for the following month. You can follow me on my social media accounts to follow up on updates and, you can also sign up for the mailer's list to receive notifications!

How long commissions take?

It all depends on the design and complexity of the plush. It can range between a week up to a month or two. However, if you need the plush complete for a certain date or the holidays or birthday, I would suggest put in the order at least 2 or 3 months prior. 

How do commissions work?
First, you contact me via email at and label the subject "Plush Commission." You must include reference photo in the attachments and let me know what size you would like for the plush; as well as details and any extra attachments. The attachments can be from tassels, craft foam weapons, sequins, suede cords, bows, LED lights, ribbons, jewerly chains, zippers, etc. However, I do charge for the extra attachments as well as materials for the commission.
Also, you can chose what type of plush you would like: standard or chibi. Chibi is an a smaller, yet child-like form of the character.
Once I have a reference of your character and you agree to the terms and price, I'll start working on the plush immediately.


You MUST be 18 years or older to request a commission! And the payment method you choose, Paypal, debit or credit must have the same name as you put on the commission order form. I'm sorry but I can't accept your request if your name is for example, James Olsen on the form but it's Rachel Michaelson on card on file. Even if that is your parent's or a friend's card, I'm sorry I can't accept it. I'm not going to risk getting fined for you using someone else's card info.

What type of character reference can I use?

It can be any character or creature from anime, video game, movies, or television series! Please note that I will not accept references or commissions that involves full nudity or revealing private parts. Characters that are shirtless, like Grey Fullbuster from Fairy Tail or Jin Kazama from Tekken are acceptable. 

What fabrics and materials do you use for commissions?

I use high quality fabrics such as minky, velboa faux fur, craft velour, and suede. In rare occasions, I would use pleather and denim fabrics to make jackets and jeans for the plush. However, it depends on you, if you prefer to have a realistic attire for your commission. 

What type of machine do you use for sewing and embroidery?

At the moment, I have 3 machines. I use Brother SE 400 for embroidering on smaller plushies, Brother JX2517 for sewing, and Husqvarna Viking Topaz 50 for embroidering larger designs. 


Past Commission Projects