When do you ship orders?

I usually ship orders on Mondays, and sometimes any day of the week depending on the amount of orders I receive per week. Orders placed on the weekend will be ship on Monday or Tuesday. However, there will be times where shipping may be delay by a day or two due to the pandemic or weather or other circumstances. But I will try my best to make sure orders ship out as soon as possible and I'll send you a tracking number once its shipped so you can keep track of your package! Please allow 24 to 48 hours for the tracking number to be updated in the system. 

Please note that once your order is shipped, I have no control what happens during transit with USPS :(

Can you ship orders with FedEx and UPS?

I ship orders with FedEx and UPS only with large commission orders. When I mean by large, I mean oversized plushies combined with bulk orders. Please be aware that the shipping fees may vary with FedEx and UPS.

I haven't receive my order yet.

If you haven't receive your order, please allow a little more time for it to arrive.  Unfortunately due to the pandemic the USPS facilities can get overwhelmed and packages can take a while to arrive to you. Some packages do arrive a little sooner than expected and some a little later. So please have patience for your order and also please kind to the postal carrier! Also please to make sure to check your surroundings, or ask your neighbors if the postal carrier dropped off your order to their place by accident or check your mailbox for a pink or orange pick up slip. 


I would like to commission a plush, but I also would like to purchase some charms on here. Can you combine my commission and order?

Absolutely! Just let me that you would like to combine your commission and other purchases so I can set it up for you at checkout!

Return/Exchange Policy

Do you accept returns/exchanges?

I only accept returns if the item or items are damage within 14 days of purchase. What I mean by damages is if somehow one of the acrylic charms broke in half or the candy bags deflated or any other severe damages during transit. Please send me photos of the damaged items to my email: pandamagecreations@gmail.com. However, you are responsible for return shipping costs.

I only accept exchanges if you were sent the wrong item(s). Please send me photos of the items to my email and return them to me so I can send you the correct items! Please also note that you are responsible for return shipping costs.